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 that damn Muddy Rag #11 E-Welcome!
2003 Edition   
The Officious Newsletter of the Sturdy Beggar™ Appreciation Society
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Sturdy Beggars logoWell Hail and Well Met, all you e-perusers. Do we know you? Were you a faithful member of the honorable Sturdy Beggar Appreciation Society, our sterling fan organization of yore? We had a ball producing newsletters, finger-puppet postcards, t-shirts and other fun nonsense for the legions of SBAS members years ago, but then things petered out, as they will, due to dwindling funding and available time…Never believe that our hearts had given up, though; we've been quietly endeavoring behind the scenes to revamp our old web site and usher in a new era of Mud Mania, to give us and our beloved audiences a platform to engage in ongoing hi-jinks and badinage on a global scale. And here we are!!! Welcome, welcome, welcome to the brand new wonderland! Still a work in progress, as all good websites are - look for added features and attractions as we barrel towards the 2003 Sturdy Beggar Mud Show season. In the meantime, dear olde friends and curious newbies, please bump around our new e-hovel at your infinite leisure. Learn tidbits of our show's 24+ year history, check out our photo section to see which Sturdy Beggars ring a bell, study the priceless contents of the old printed versions of our newsletter and enjoy it in its sparkling new e-form - that damn Muddy Rag; just find the fun readily available in our wonderfully redesigned web digs and dive in! We encourage your feedback, especially from veteran SBAS members, and look forward to providing further muddy mirth on-line and, better yet, at a Mud Pit near you in the new year!

Thanks fer coming, and don't bother to wipe yer feet!!

that damn Muddy Rag #11 designed & executed by B. H. Lumpyn, L13 11/02 editor: B. H. Lumpyn
scribes du jour: B. B. vB, L13, B. H. Lumpyn, D. S. Fubar
The Mud Show
The Mud Show