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 that damn Muddy Rag #12 Us Sell Out?
Latest Edition (Groundhog Day '04)
The Officious Newsletter of the Sturdy Beggar™ Appreciation Society
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Us Sell Out?
By Half-Wit Henry

Greetings, friends, Half-Wit Henry here, begging just a bit more of your time and indulgence. I promise to be shorter this time out.

So here’s the thing, we (we being the Beggars as a whole) always wonder if our show would work in venues other than Renaissance Festivals, and the other day it hit me (me being me as a Half-Wit), hey, what about like corporate seminars and that sort of thing? After all, who is more about the glories of capitalism, using team-building techniques to achieve the target goal going forward than us? Rags are just another kind of suit, man.

The next problem that presents itsel—excuse me, the next opportunity to be seized is just how do you penetrate that market? Especially when one is a half-witted beggar with nary a clue? So again my friends, I turn to you and ask your help (hey, we make you laugh, c’mon, that’s an equal exchange of goods and services, the very basis of capitalism, I tells ya) in this current moment of crisis and panic. If you have anything to offer on this subject, whether it be advice, a gig, or a chocolate pecan pie, please e-mail me, Half-Wit Henry and let me have it! Especially the pecan pie.

Figgy Pudding

that damn Muddy Rag #12 designed & executed by B. H. Lumpyn, S. Jitters 03/04
editor: B. H. Lumpyn
scribes du jour: S. Jitters, B. H. Lumpyn, Hw. Henry
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