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Rogues Roll Call
Here's a roughly chronological listing of just about every nutcase who's worked with the Sturdy and/or Bedlum Beggars™ through the years. How many ring a bell with you?

The Reverend Ikey Nokes

Damien the Red-Eyed Bastard


Master Wiggles
(aka Rott Wyler, Sparky Maggot, Caesar, Caesario, Herbantio)

Billy Billy von Billy
(aka Old Beggar Joe, Will'm, Will'm the Poorer, the Regurgitated, the Rash, the Rush)

Grimy Fingers

Figgy Pudding
(aka Little Debby, Sir Loin of Beef, Ham Hocks, Sir Trilligood of Girth)

Bert the Beloved

Hack Ptui
(aka Hanonymus Bosch, Big Harry Lumpyn, Pike Spuzmonger, Tommo Bedlum, Pike Murdwynn)

Spiney Nodules
(aka Will Kemp, Snug Frothingale)

Halfwit Henry
(aka Wakka Ding Hoy, Sir Loin of Beef, Beggar X, )

Burnt Arse
(aka Ned Crustdragon, Zorbulon the (fill-in-the-blank), Brother Bart)

Lutilla Fair Dinkum
(aka Johnny Detox, Randy Passion)

Daphne, Queen of Everything (aka Crazy Katie)

Sir Nathan

Jacob Quick


Quince Boinky

Sponge the Wonder Beggar

Simon LeSlime (aka One Eyed Willie)

Pizzle McDick
(aka Beggar X, Malcom Powder)

Nabboth Jakes

Legs Akimbo
(aka Erm the Mad, Long Dick Montrose)

Gonzo DiMedici

Namrhok Nell

Moonie B. Slutt

Goose R. Bumps III

Fitzhugh Nicely

Privy LaPew
(aka Beggar Bob, Jojo the Dogfaced Boy)

Iggy Slop

Helmut von Mudt

Molly Bloom

Moose the Magnificently Moronic

Woogie the Weasel

Andy of the North (aka Yourhey Blorchsky)

Dr Schmutzig Fubar

Bob the Beggar

Spunky Jitters (aka Lucky 13)

Slippery Wenwhet

Crusty Whitebread

Anita Drinke

Apologies to those whose names we've forgotten. What is your name, anyway?

(originally compiled by Wakka Ding Hoy, w/Hack Ptui, 1993; edited by Lucky 13, 03/2002, Hanonymus Bosch 2008)

The Mud Show
The Mud Show